Prayer List

 August 27. 2014

 In Hospital:


Our Deepest Sympathy is extended to:

the family of Nell Peniston in her passing last week.

There will be a memorial service in October.

Relatives/Friends Ill Out of Town

Kevin Koenig, CO             (Chery Allison’s  bro)

Mildred Harned, KY          (Frankie Spena’s sis)

Judy Graham           (Joyce Lyle’s sister-in-law)

Janet Brockman      (Shirley Ragon’s daughter)

Rick Barry     (Ken & Janis Jones’s son-in- law) 

Dan Rynard                                    (Janet Rynard’s stepson)

Jim Cooper                                                             (Ralph & Millie Cooper’s son)

Pat DeVries-Webber                                             (Adam Lyle’s wife’s relative)  

Alisa Green                                                             ( the Michael’s niece)

Linda Fuller                                                              ( K. Madden’s cousin)

 Jo Burden                                                                 (Daphene Lockard’s daughter)

 Sandy Beaty                                                             (Edna Potter’s granddaughter)

 Becky Diaz                                                               (Janet Rynard’s friend)

Pauline Green                                                           (Elaine Rowe’s cousin)

Devin & Allison Gilpin                                               (Janet Rynard’s daughter & son-in-law)

Mary Massaglia                                                         (Nell Peniston’s daughter)

Marie Groves                                                             (Dorothy Coovert's sister-in-law)

Elizabeth Harrison                                                    (Billie Calvery's niece)

Etta Toney                                                                 (Debby Toney's mother-in-law)

Glenda Willmon                                                        (Kirtes Calvery's sister)

The Hange Family in Moscow

Tammy Templeton                                                                           (Ann Jackson's niece)

Sydney                                                     (Milda & Wally Laudenslager's grand-daughter)

Misty Brock                                                                                          (Brandon Long's sister)

Stanley                                                                                       (Roseanne Rohrbach's uncle)

Sylvia Douglas                          (pastor’s wife at Aspen Grove BC in Wy.)



Members Ill At Home                     hands


Lucille Dusenberry

Mark Hensley



Relatives/Friends of Members

Walter Griffin                                                                       (Ida Griffin’s son)

Heather McDaniel                                                               (Spena’s granddaughter)  

Sherry Able                                                                          (Friend of Dana Bennett’s)

Dale A. Ealey                                                                       (brother of Valma A.S. Ealey)

Danielle Dickerson                                                            (K. Madden Niece)         

Tom Joyce                                                                          (Barbara Anderson’s  relative)

Nina Sage                                                                          (Kathy Reynolds & David Sage’s mother)

Lela Thompson                                                                   (Linda Clasen’s mother)

Cheryl Peterson                                                                  (Martha Griffin’s daughter)

Felix Mrowzinski                                                                 (Tom Lyle’s boss’s father-in-law)

Wally Cox                                                                            (friend of Bob & Janice Strawn)

Vicki Coleman                                                                     (Norma Richardson’s friend)

Karen Harms                                                                       (Frankie Spena’s daughter)

Jim Thomas                                                                         (Karen Black’s brother)

Terether Coleman                                                                (Ida Griffin’s sister)

Bob Reber                                                                            (Sharon Reber's husband)

Bernice Zaccagnini                                                              (Frankie Spena’s friend)

Angelia Welch & family                                                       (Jane Jones’s niece)

Laurie Paris, John Barnette  & Christian Wade Paris    (Wade & Nellie Paris’s family)

Lori Banhart                                                                         (Shirley Ragon’s daughter)

Randy Jones                                                                        (Carol Jones James’s son)

Marilyn Nickell & family                                                       (friends of Brad & Vicki Close)

Vicki Guider                                                                         (Frankie Spena’s granddaughter)

Kathy Myers                                                                         (Art & Dorothy’s daughter-in-law)

Malachi Rowland                                                                 (Kendra Stitt’s friend)

Carol Komsthoeft                                                                 (Mimi Sperry’s niece)

Jan Thompson                                                                      (Joyce Lyle’s friend)

Carolyn Loiacono                                                                 (wife of Tom Lyle’s barber)

Jim Frank Jr.                                                                         (Paul Frank’s brother)

Eleanor Burke                                                                       (friend of Frankie & Darryl Spena)

Brian Dusenberry                                                                  (Norma Richardson’s nephew)

Phillip Taylor                                                                          (Clarence Taylor’s father)

Joshua Barnes                                                                      (Athol Barnes' son)

Cami Ning                                                                              (Jane Jones' daughter)

Marlene Kelley                                                                       (Debby Toney's aunt)

Vonnie Strawn                                                                       (Bob & Janice Strawn's daughter)

Steve & Monica Blair                                                            (Barbara Blair's family) 

 Kevin Walters                                     (Katie Smith's son-in-law)

Sophia & Olivia                                           (Jane Jones' granddaughter)

Bob Hunter                                                  (Dixie Iams' brother)

Michael Sage                                                (Kathy Reynold's cousin)

Heather Woodson                                           (Brenda Regan's friend)

Scott O'Dell                                                   (The Michael's son-in-law)

Zoey Paris                                                     (Steven Paris' granddaughter)

Ruthie Hardy                                              (Lavenia Hardy's mother-in-law)

Pam Masters                                                           (Stiegler's daughter)

John Banhart                                                  (Shirley Ragon's son-in-law)

CARE CENTERS                                     NH          

Blue River Care Center

Audrey Bullock

Armour Oaks, 8100 Wornall Rd. Rm. 148

 Thelma Ballard

Indian Creek Care Center

Dorothy Papst 

Manor Care, Holden, Mo.

Betty Wiggins

Truman Medical Long Term Care, Lee's Summit, MO

Helen Bullock 

Foxwood Rehab.

Bill Jackson

Crown Care Center, 3001 E. Elm St., Harrisonville, MO  64701

Harriett Towner, Rm. 110 

John Knox Rehab

Ernie Bullock




 Praise God for:                     waving flag

  • Our Service men & women who are dedicating their lives for the well being of our country.

Keep These in Your Prayers:

Martha Griffin, Glenn Ealey,  Ada and Ralph Berry, Gloria Wagner, Arletta Dallen, Cyndra Melville, Janice Strawn, Glen Anderson, Denise & Jim Welch, Kay Hensley, Mildred Nibeck, Doris Johnson, Edna Potter, Virginia Clark, Virginia Davis, Roger Ott, Brenda Cook, Q. Wright, Dorothy Coovert, Cindy & Kelly Clark, Debby Overstreet, Jill & Ercell Arney, Art Mitchell, Mary Lou & Dave Miner,  Kay & Ray Jones, Frankie Spena, Jane & Allan Jones, Daphene Lockard, Tom Carlisle, Marilyn Richards, Charles Newsome,  Lawrence Griffin, Sunny & Jerry Overstreet, Ann Jackson, Cody & Mary Carroll,  Phyllis Regan, JoAnn Bolton, Ken Jones, Doris Leitt, Ryan Black, and many relatives and friends with cancer and other sickness.  The lost people throughout the world and the missionaries at home and in other countries, bringing the word of God to them.

If you know of anyone who can come off the prayer list please notify the office.

If you need to add anyone to the prayer list, please call the office,  

Mildred Nibeck 816-318-3862 or
Milda Laudenslager 816-763-1692


Special Prayers for: 

  • ·Our country
  • Our President
  • ·Our leaders
  • ·All our troops through out the world.                    
  • ·Children & Preschool programs
  • ·Student ministry
  • ·Victims of disasters across the World
  •  Our Church and the decisions that need to be made.
  • Warford Bible Club•    
  • The Ministry Leadership Team

Support Our Troops and Pray

God Bless Our Troops


Paul D. Alumbaugh –  Navy SeaBees –

Parent:  Art Mitchell step father 

Lt. Col. Brett Black  – U. S. Air Force

Parent: Karen Black

AFC Kassidy Foster - U.S. Air Force - Arizona

Granddaughter - Virginia & Wayne Davis 

Lt. Col. Tom Rynard – Army

Step-Mother:  Janet Rynard 

S. Sgt. Joshua Taylor - United States Air Force - Germany

Parents - Clarence & Lucy Taylor







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