Warford Bible Club


Warford Bible Club has been an important ministry of Grace Point Baptist church for over 10 years, and illustrates everything that Grace Point stands for. 

Our team of volunteer teachers meet at Warford Elementary school every Tuesday afternoon at 2:30pm to pray together, and the Bible Club then meets from 2:40-3:45pm each week. 

The Bible Club is open to all students in 1st through 6th grade, and we have an average of 30 students attending each week. 

Our teachers are passionate about sharing the love of Christ with our students, and present our Biblical curriculum in an interactive and fun way.  Our volunteer teachers also invest in the lives of many Warford Elementary teachers, encouraging them and praying with them as needed. 

We also love to support our Bible Club students by attending and serving as volunteers at their school events, such as talent shows, school festivals and fundraising events.


For more information on becoming involved in the Warford Bible Club, please contact:

Christina Pestana (pestanaco@gmail.com) or Debbie Barnes (atholdeb@earthlink.net)