Grace Point has adopted the Warford Elementary School which is at 11401 Cleveland in Kansas City. We are showing Christ by serving the children, their family, and the school staff.  These services include:Warford Elementary School

  • Conducting an after-school club which includes refreshments, music and a Bible study every Tuesday @ 4-15 p.m; 
  • Preparing 160 Test Ready Paks for the children who took the MAP tests on April 4; 

  • Giving cards to every student at the school on their birthday; 

  • Giving Valentines and treats to all teachers on Valentine's Day 

  • Last year we filled backpacks for 100 children with food for the weekend.

  • This  year we are filling backpacks for 50 children. This service is through Harvesters who furnishes all the food. The backpacks are filled on Wednesday and delilvered to the school on Friday each week of the school year. (During the holidays we double the amount of food to last 2 weekends) Our members take part in the service.

  • In the coming year we will expand the ministries we conduct with and for the children as we seek to put our arms around our community in the name of Christ!




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