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    Baby NoahHinton Family Update

    Noah Elliot Hinton is 5 weeks old now, so we thought it was time to send out a picture and update.  Thanks to those of you who have been praying, sending us notes of encouragement, and checking in.  These 5 weeks have been rather eventful, but we are all home now and settling in.

    Noah had a few initial breathing challenges, never critical, but spent his first 24 hours in the incubator, intubated to keep his oxygen levels high.  On the third day both Tiffany and Noah went home.  On the fourth day, however, Noah's jaundice levels were high enough that he had to go back in for IV and phototherapy.  The public state hospital was where we had to go in order to handle Noah's jaundice.  We have seen worse, but the facilities "left a lot to be desired". They both were able to come home the next day.   

    Shortly after, Tiffany got mastitis and very high fever for 5 days with fever over 104 each day.   We have amazing friends and neighbors who helped us in lots of ways, and we are so grateful.  We are praying- seriously praying- that the mastitis says away.  Noah in the meantime is eating like a champion and is now up over 9 1/2 pounds (7.2 lbs at birth).  The girls are in love, and we can only imagine the spoiling that will continue to happen in the Hinton home as Noah grows up with three sisters.  

    Lots of love,
    Jason, Tiffany, Samantha, Aubrey, Annie, and Noah

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  • Hildebrand Family Update  (read)
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