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  • Toya McLean -- Cameroon


    A few weeks ago a long time friend of the Barnes family visited our church. She has founded an organization called “Daughters of Destiny” and serves as a missionary in Cameroon. Would you join with us in praying for her this week.

    “In January of 2009, I made a trip to Cameroon, Africa. I went to Cameroon, simply out of obedience and my heart has been broken for this country ever since. The Lord used the people of Cameroon to change my life in so many ways.

    My initial visit to the city of Buea had me volunteering with two private Christian Schools, visiting needy families, hospitals, and a short visit to a local orphanage. AS I worked with the people there, my heart began to change. I found myself up in the middle of the night weeping and praying for the nation of Cameroon. I used to never cry but from the moment we began packing to go home and for several days after, tears freely flowed down my cheeks
                   Since that initial trip the Lord has placed a burden in my heart for the spiritual, educational and medical needs of the people in that
    community. Our ultimate goal is to reach disadvantaged people with the gospel. Our ministry focus has been to assist with medical care, nutrition and education. By meeting the physical needs of so many in the community we hope to show the love of Christ and help to build relationships that will lead to transformed lives. As a result of this, their families lives and their communities will be reached with the gospel and the circle of “new life” will continue.

    Through the years, our work has increased to include inmates in the Buea Central Prison, neighboring villages and cities, and numerous working relationships with other like-minded organizations and churches in the country of Cameroon.”

    For more information see Toya’s website: http://dodcameroon.weebly.com/

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  • Tuesday Morning Prayer Meeting  (read)
  • Memory Verse for the Week   (read)
  • Dale Walker  (read)
  • Widows/Widowers Luncheon  (read)
  • Volunteers Needed for Audio Visual  (read)
  • Request  (read)
  • The Names of God for Healing  (read)
  • Church Library  (read)
  • Special Bible Class  (read)
  • March Birthdays  (read)
  • Upcoming Dates and Events  (read)
  • News from BRKC  (read)
  • Jerry Overstreet  (read)
  • Open Gym Resumes  (read)
  • Global Mission Offering  (read)
  • Miraculous Catch  (read)
  • Maundy Thursday Service   (read)
  • Men's Breakfast  (read)
  • Deacon of the Week  (read)

    Connection Point Newsletter
  • Grace Connection Point  (read)

  • 2015 Deacons in Action  (read)

    Holy Week
  • Easter Community Outreach  (read)
  • Music News  (read)
  • Celebrate the Risen Lord  (read)
  • Way of the Cross Prayer Week  (read)
  • Easter Sunrise Service  (read)
  • Join us on Palm Sunday  (read)

    Hook and Needle Crew
  • Hook and Needle Crew Meeting  (read)
  • Knitting Class for Beginners  (read)

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  • Sermon Recordings Available  (read)
  • Do You Know Jesus?  (read)
  • Pastor Athol's Blog  (read)
  • Love Your Neighbor as Yourself  (read)
  • Standing in the Storms  (read)
  • Try This at Home  (read)
  • The Privilege & Responsibility of Prayer  (read)
  • Hunger for God: Fasting and Prayer  (read)

    Missionary Focus
  • The Kleyn Family  (read)
  • The Hildebrand Family  (read)
  • Elias Montalvo  (read)
  • Toya McLean -- Cameroon  (read)
  • The Hinton Family  (read)
  • David Cole Update  (read)
  • Ivan Gusztak   (read)
  • Esmerelda and Eric Spady  (read)
  • The Hinton Family in Budapest  (read)
  • Toya McLean Update  (read)
  • Oaktree Church  (read)
  • Oaktree Church  (read)
  • Hinton Family Update  (read)
  • The Hildebrand Family Update  (read)
  • Elias and Patricia  (read)
  • Ivan Gusztak Update  (read)


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