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    Elias and PatriciaSix Hispanic churches spread out in the state:, three of them already churches serving God in their own buildings: a Hispanic Family Camp once a year, a laborers conference, three Bible Training Centers for lay people, a VBS Hispanic team, the result of these twenty years in Wyoming. God has been so faithful, showing us every step of the way that we were not alone.

    HE called my wife and I to another assignment. We said "yes" and HE opened doors. On October first we will be part of International Missions Board serving God in Spain .
    At this point we are going through a transition time, selling our house, packing, moving into a mission house, preparing our church to receive a new pastor, preparing our kids who will stay in the States, praying for the new field for God to prepare the soil and preparing ourselves for this new, exciting ministry.

    Grace Point has a special place in our hearts. Every month your love offering has been a huge blessing. The time has come for the Montalvo family to say: THANK YOU!  These words cannot express our gratitude , but we want each of you to know that your heart for missions has made a difference in this missionary family and in Wyoming. We appreciate your help and feel in our hearts that is time for your church to pray and let God lead you to help another ministry or pastoral family..

    We ask you to be part of our ministry as one of the churches that will support us with prayers, we will keep contact with you through e mails to keep you update about the great things that God will be doing in Madrid, Spain.

    God bless you all. We love you in the name of Jesus Christ.

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  • Tuesday Morning Prayer Meeting  (read)
  • Volunteers Needed for Audio Visual  (read)
  • Church Library  (read)
  • Upcoming Dates and Events  (read)
  • Open Gym on Tuesdays  (read)
  • WOM Mission Project  (read)
  • Grace Point - Prayer and Passion  (read)

    Connection Point Newsletter
  • Grace Connection Point  (read)

    Hook and Needle Crew
  • Hook and Needle Crew Meeting  (read)

    Messages from our Pastor
  • Pastor Athol's Blog  (read)
  • The Privilege & Responsibility of Prayer  (read)
  • Miraculous Catch  (read)
  • Jesus is The Way  (read)
  • Jesus is The Truth  (read)
  • Sunday Messages Available on CD  (read)

    Missionary Focus
  • Oak Tree Church Update  (read)
  • Kleyn Family Update  (read)
  • David Cole Update  (read)
  • Hinton Family Update  (read)
  • Elias and Patricia  (read)
  • Ivan Gusztak Update  (read)
  • Toya McLean Update  (read)
  • Hildebrand Family Update  (read)
  • Hildebrand Family Update  (read)
  • Grace Point Missionaries  (read)


  • Widows/Widowers Luncheon  (read)
  • XYZ News  (read)
  • News for Former XYZ Members  (read)

    Warford Elementary School

  • Warford Bible Club 2014/2015  (read)
  • Warford Back Snack Ministry  (read)


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