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Our Vision: To be a loving, inclusive church family worshipping God and extending God's light


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    When asked to “Circle the descriptions that you feel apply to our current church “eighty-three people circled “Strong mission emphasis.” This choice received the greatest number of responses. Grace Point is historically mission minded. Ruskin Heights Baptist Church was a mission of Grace Point then known as Swope Park Baptist Church. During the crisis in Cambodia Grace Point sponsored five related Cambodian families and the attendance in the Cambodian ministry ran as high as sixty. Through the years Grace Point has been a significant financial supporter of the Blue River Kansas City Baptist Association. Numerous mission trips have taken members of the congregation all over the world. Locally “target mission experiences” such as washing windshields, handing out bottles of water and various ministries to the surrounding neighborhood, nursing homes and schools have shown a commitment to being a “missional” church.

    Another area that received a notable number of responses was that of youth ministry. Sixty-four people circled youth ministry as a strong emphasis in the church now. The congregation values the ministry to our youth and youth outside the congregation.

    Comments during listening sessions and written comments on the questionnaires recently distributed contained statements such as these. “We are a loving, kind, outreach oriented church that is willing to help those in need. “We could do more to share our love with the community and make them feel welcome to worship with us and be a part of our church family.

    We recognize that we have declined in recent years in all areas of the life of the congregation. Our attendance is down in Sunday school and Worship and our giving to the church budget is down when compared to past years.  While this is true the church has a strong financial base of assets that have been accumulated over the past decades as well as a debt free physical plant.



    When asked to circle three of the statements that best describe the church’s responsibility the largest response was that of seventy-one people who circled “A platform to preach the Word” with the next highest responses being “Manifest love”, and “Make disciples.” There is an acknowledgement that there are many ways to accomplish these challenges and we may lack the members needed to accomplish these ministries. We want to find ways to help our membership regardless of age feel they are meaningfully engaged in the mission of our church. Some feel that we seem to be waiting for a new pastor to come and lead us to move in these areas. We want to be led by a visionary leader. We expressed some ambiguity in that we want to be a congregation that reaches out to young families but we also want to keep a traditional form of worship. The responses to questions about music preference show that we have significant numbers of us who prefer traditional music and significant numbers who prefer contemporary and blended music in worship. We want to be alive, relevant, active and attractive while lifting up our mission statement: “Our Vision: To be a loving, inclusive church family, worshipping God and extending God’s light.”



    We want our next pastor to be a leader who is a visionary and a strong and dynamic individual. In preaching we want our pastor to be evangelistic while applying the Bible to life and dealing with topics that connect with day to day experiences. We want our next pastor to help us understand how the scripture came to be and what its teachings mean to us today. Their giftedness should include an ability to plan and lead in worship development as well as being an apt administrator and a people oriented individual.

    Grace Point Snapshot

    Grace Point Church is a loving, inclusive church family intent on worshiping God and extending God's light.

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