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    ToyaLife has been up and down since coming here but God has always been faithful. 

    The Lord has enabled me to work with numerous youth and their leaders to help them gain a better perspective of who God is and who He says they are. I have been able to start building a team of people who want to see the Nation changed for Christ and also equip people with tools they need to build a better society.

    >From our young orphans, to girls coming off the streets and former prisoners who have accepted the Lord and turned their lives around, there is no shortage of work but the rewards have also been marvelous.

    Thank you Grace Point family for embracing me and Daughters of Destiny International. We appreciate your prayers. Please keep them coming!
    Prayer points:
    This has been a long season of grief for me personally and I'm struggling in some areas of trusting God. I really need prayers for my heart to be completely healed.

    I have been asked to go to Chad to minister and also to Eastern Cameroon to work with young girls who have been living difficult lives and they want to change. Chad is a bit dangerous these days, I'm not afraid to go but asking for prayers of protection. There are currently 300 girls in the Eastern part of Cameroon and the leadership is asking for a lot of help. I need wisdom as I'm praying in the next few weeks for how to train their leaders and also how to minister to the girls effectively. 

    We have just been offered 4 acres of land FREE O CHARGE to begin building our permanent school, teachers housing, a small farm and the first houses for our future children's village. This is so exciting but it's also a bit scary. We have two years to complete the first buildings or we have to give the land back to the community. If we are successful in 2 years, we will be able to acquire more land for free from the Chief. This is HUGE for us and a great opportunity. I need wisdom and direction for how to move and how to raise the money needed for the school.

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  • Tuesday Morning Prayer Meeting  (read)
  • Volunteers Needed for Audio Visual  (read)
  • Church Library  (read)
  • Upcoming Dates and Events  (read)
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  • WOM Mission Project  (read)
  • Grace Point - Prayer and Passion  (read)

    Connection Point Newsletter
  • Grace Connection Point  (read)

    Hook and Needle Crew
  • Hook and Needle Crew Meeting  (read)

    Messages from our Pastor
  • Pastor Athol's Blog  (read)
  • The Privilege & Responsibility of Prayer  (read)
  • Miraculous Catch  (read)
  • Jesus is The Way  (read)
  • Jesus is The Truth  (read)
  • Sunday Messages Available on CD  (read)

    Missionary Focus
  • Oak Tree Church Update  (read)
  • Kleyn Family Update  (read)
  • David Cole Update  (read)
  • Hinton Family Update  (read)
  • Elias and Patricia  (read)
  • Ivan Gusztak Update  (read)
  • Toya McLean Update  (read)
  • Hildebrand Family Update  (read)
  • Hildebrand Family Update  (read)
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