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    I (Eric Spady)  have some exciting news to tell you.  I will be starting a class here at Grace Point on Wednesday nights, beginning February 18that 7pm and will go for the next 7 weeks.  This class is on HEALING IN THE NAMES OF GOD.

     I have always loved the names of God. I remember studying them in Bible college years ago and was fascinated by how much you can know about God, His character, His ways JUST BY HIS NAMES.  Then a few years ago it really hit me …. Healing is found when we know the Character of God .. IN HIS NAMES!

     Take Genesis 16 for example. One of the very first names of God recorded in the Bible is when Hagar calls upon the Lord and calls him ‘El Roi’ or the ‘God who sees me’ (it’s my favorite!)  Some scholars have said that the deeper meaning is the ‘God who sees me in my distress’.  Here Hagar is used, abused, and kicked out and is alone with only her son Ishmael.  She has nowhere to turn. No one is there for her! She is all alone. 

     So often we feel ‘all alone’. When a person faces trauma in their life, that can be hard enough. But what makes trauma even harder and more traumatizing  is when we have to face it alone.  When no one else is there. 

    In other times when we don’t feel ‘seen’ can be of the hardest things we can face in human emotions.  Yet, in this scripture we learn about the GOD WHO SEES US!  Healing begins when we are seen. Seen by God, and then by others and then we are not alone.

     Want to know more …… Want to know about other names of God in healing. Healing for the inner man and heart?  Then come Wednesday nights (upstairs corner class room.


    WHEN:  7:00-8:15 pm Teaching and ministry time (with personal application and reflection time)

    LOCATION:  Grace Point Baptist Church – Upper parking lot, and go in office door and down the corridor)

    Beginning date: Wednesday, February 18th.  Then the following Wednesday nights for the next 7 weeks (finishes April 1st)

    COST:  Free (love offering will be greatly appreciated)

     For questions, or more information, you can email me, Eric Spady at Eric@htmin.com

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  • Tuesday Morning Prayer Meeting  (read)
  • Memory Verse for the Week   (read)
  • Dale Walker  (read)
  • Widows/Widowers Luncheon  (read)
  • Volunteers Needed for Audio Visual  (read)
  • Request  (read)
  • The Names of God for Healing  (read)
  • Church Library  (read)
  • Special Bible Class  (read)
  • March Birthdays  (read)
  • Upcoming Dates and Events  (read)
  • News from BRKC  (read)
  • Jerry Overstreet  (read)
  • Open Gym Resumes  (read)
  • Global Mission Offering  (read)
  • Miraculous Catch  (read)
  • Maundy Thursday Service   (read)
  • Men's Breakfast  (read)
  • Deacon of the Week  (read)

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  • Grace Connection Point  (read)

  • 2015 Deacons in Action  (read)

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  • Easter Community Outreach  (read)
  • Music News  (read)
  • Celebrate the Risen Lord  (read)
  • Way of the Cross Prayer Week  (read)
  • Easter Sunrise Service  (read)
  • Join us on Palm Sunday  (read)

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  • Hook and Needle Crew Meeting  (read)
  • Knitting Class for Beginners  (read)

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  • Sermon Recordings Available  (read)
  • Do You Know Jesus?  (read)
  • Pastor Athol's Blog  (read)
  • Love Your Neighbor as Yourself  (read)
  • Standing in the Storms  (read)
  • Try This at Home  (read)
  • The Privilege & Responsibility of Prayer  (read)
  • Hunger for God: Fasting and Prayer  (read)

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  • The Kleyn Family  (read)
  • The Hildebrand Family  (read)
  • Elias Montalvo  (read)
  • Toya McLean -- Cameroon  (read)
  • The Hinton Family  (read)
  • David Cole Update  (read)
  • Ivan Gusztak   (read)
  • Esmerelda and Eric Spady  (read)
  • The Hinton Family in Budapest  (read)
  • Toya McLean Update  (read)
  • Oaktree Church  (read)
  • Oaktree Church  (read)
  • Hinton Family Update  (read)
  • The Hildebrand Family Update  (read)
  • Elias and Patricia  (read)
  • Ivan Gusztak Update  (read)


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