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  • The Kleyn Family

    This past Sunday we prayed and sent out one of our families into the mission field. Please join with me in committing to pray for the Kleyn family as they step out in faith.

    KleynsRussiaLeah and I met at a missions school in BC Canada in 2006. I was the Deans assistant there and Leah came as a student. We found ourselves in an interesting position as we had both relinquished our desire for romantic relationship over to the Lord.

    We both started receiving dreams pointing us toward marrying each other. After fighting off the dreams for 6 months we gave in and talked to each other, only to discover that we were both hearing the same thing.

    I proposed to Leah at the schools graduation ceremony, we went on our first date 2 days after our engagement and were married less than 4 months later!
    Leah and I both new the Lord was calling us to missions and ministry from early on. As a married couple we became staff for a bible school in Alabama and staffed there for 2 summers in between work. We were then invited to staff back at the missions school that we met at so back to BC we went.

    >From there Leah and I became the worship leaders of a local church where we lead worship and raised up worship leaders. We also helped lead the evangelism for the church.

    In this season we lead various city outreach trips, lead small group missions trips to various locations and also hosted bible studies, worship nights and counselling times.
    After being with the church for around 5 years we felt the Lord prompting us to look seriously at full time missions.
    Following His prompting, we left all and joined with YWAM.
    We spent 3 months in Turkey as a family doing short term missions and then returned to Kansas City to staff here full time.

    During our time here our burden for the Chinese and the Back to Jerusalem Movement has been further fanned into flame as we worked with some of the leaders of the Chinese Underground House Church’s.
    Since working with the Chinese for the last 2 years we have made great friendships with some of the leaders there and have been invited to help raise up the Chinese church in cross cultural missions.
    In the meantime we have found a home at Grace Point Baptist Church. Our hearts very quickly become joined in with the community here and we are excited about what God is clearly doing in the church. We consider this our home and sending church and believe we will be supported in prayer through Grace Point as we share in the fruit that God has planned in Asia!

    We are starting our journey toward China on November 16th 2014. We will spend 6 months dedicated to teaching engagements in a few areas in the US and in Canada and to the raising up of funds needed to get started in China.

    My wife Leah, my daughters Micaya and Bella and I are very excited about Gods plans for us in China. We feel His heart for the Chinese and believe that they will play a major part in the completing of the great commission.

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