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  • Athol Barnes Elected Senior Pastor

    Athol Debbie Tom


    In a positive vote by the membership of 110-6, Athol Barnes was selected July 27 to be the Senior Pastor of Grace Point Baptist Church.


    The Pastor Search Committee sponsored a catered dinner on Sat-urday, July 19, when Athol Barnes called to be our Pastor, was introduced by Tom Lyle.

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    Enjoying the catered dinner of Swiss steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans and salad were Judy Dodd and Betty Jo Eaton. 


    Athol took the occasion to share the story of how he and his family came to Grace Point and how he came to believe that he should be our Pastor. Trained originally as an engineer in his homeland of South Africa, Athol was the son of a Baptist preacher. In 2000, the Lord led him and his wife Debbie, a nurse, to Marietta, Georgia. Athol worked as an engineer, and after four years he was led to answer the call to mission work. During this time they adopted their two children, Christie and Joshua.


    On Sunday, July 20, Athol Barnes preached to the whole Church in view of the call to be GPBC’s Senior Pastor. In his message to the congregation, he em-phasized how his life reflected many examples of how God places Christians in key places around the world in times of crisis. He can see the pattern in his life of how God has placed him here at GPBC for this season and this time. Part of his message to the Church follows:

    "I believe that Grace Point is perfectly positioned to launch into the future that the Lord has for us here in South Kansas City. We are in the right place at the right time, I believe it! These are exciting times indeed.

    As we look to the future of Grace Point, we must always remember that the future never looks like the past; it simply cannot. Let us never forget the past, learning from it and building on the faith of those who have gone before us. We need to build on the legacy of the 100-plus years of this church. Recently I read the centennial history of this church and was amazed at the hand of God over this church as Swope Park and now Grace Point throughout its history.

    So many people, including many of you, have understood the time and the season that Swope Park and Grace Point was in, and you have sacrificed so much in order to position us where we are today.

    I loved the message that the Lord laid on the heart of Associate Pastor Bob Michael last week, and some of the things that he shared were profound. As he spoke about the transformational church, he said that the transformational church innovates to advance the Gospel. As we look to the future we will need to think outside the box, ask the Lord to lead us and direct our paths, but it is going to require us to try different things in order to reach this community for Christ.

    Another line that Bob gave us last week was that; 'We need to unlearn the things that hinder us from sharing the Gospel. Innovation is messy. We try to avoid messy.' 

     Now, our first and natural response to this message from the Lord is to start new groups, begin Bible studies, repaint the sanctuary, change the lighting, change the music, buy a new van. Build something, just do something!

    But may I suggest that the first and foremost task that we should undertake is to begin a concerted time and season of prayer. We need to go to the head of the church and ask Him what He wants us to do.

    In Matthew 16:18, Jesus says; "And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades [c] will not overcome it."

    Jesus said that HE WILL BUILD HIS CHURCH. We need to simply ask him for the plan and do what he says.

    As we close I would like to ask for a response of commitment to prayer. I would like to ask that if the Lord is speaking to you, and you are willing to step out in faith into the future that God has for Grace Point, would you commit to praying for Grace Point for the next 30 days. Would you make a commitment to pray with me for five minutes a day for the Body of Christ on the hill here in South Kansas city. Just five minutes a day."




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