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Our Vision: To be a loving, inclusive church family worshipping God and extending God's light


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    Bob Webb 


    God Built It and They Came


    Yes, God built the hilltop in South Kansas City that Grace Point Church is located on, and on the Fourth of July 2014 they came! Hundreds of people flocked to the lawns and parking lots of Grace Point to watch the fireworks exploding all over Kansas City and enjoy the hospitality of the people of Grace Point. They were treated to popcorn and snow cones and the warm handshakes and greetings of a host of Grace Point folks welcoming them in the spirit of Christ.

    They came from all over, and they sat under the clear starlit night enjoying the freedoms of a country celebrating its independence. In 1989 many movie goers watched a baseball fantasy-drama entitled, "Field of Dreams," a story about a man who had a dream and built a baseball dia-mond in the middle of an Iowa cornfield and one day realized his dream as "They came."

    Grace Point is not in the middle of a cornfield and it is not based on a fantasy. Grace Point is on a hilltop where God has touched lives and will do so again when God’s people are available to him as they were on a Fourth of July when ‘They Came."





    — Dr. Bob Webb, interim senior pastor









    I have often said the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America in Vacation Bible school with a sincere love for my country, and yet I also believe that the supreme allegiance for me is the pledge contained in the phrase "Jesus is Lord." At times the two allegiances may conflict. Differences in our values regarding war, public policy, immigration laws and other issues may put the Christian in a place where the primary allegiance is challenged.

    And for one who believes in the separation of church and state, it is sometimes difficult to neatly partition off what is "God’s" and what is "the Emperor’s." I am glad we live in a country where we are free to struggle with our allegiances and the hard choices we are sometimes asked to make.

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    Grace Point Church is a loving, inclusive church family intent on worshiping God and extending God's light.

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